Liz Layton creates art that thematically explores motherhood, mysticism, dreams, femininity, depression, grief, and thoughts on the afterlife.   

She has previously created films and paintings while working in Iceland, that depict and channel a woman from Icelandic history known as Thordis the Prophetess.  Her most recent work features a similar act of channeling, but of her family’s matriarchs.

She lost her mother three months prior to becoming a parent, herself.  She is constantly exploring what it means to both celebrate life and grieve at its loss. Intrinsically affected by her diagnosis of PTSD and depression, her art has formally become influenced by various psychologies of grief; most significantly by the study of James Marcia’s theory known as The MAMA Cycles.

She most often works with mixed media that includes holographic or iridescent materials in efforts of creating a reflective surface that interacts with the viewer in real-time.  Conceptually, these combinations of materials create a dialogue that interlocks the tangible with the intangible, or symbolically, with time and space. She is most influenced by the artists Eva Hesse, Christine and the Queens, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Kate Bush, Allison Schulnik, Grimes, Joan Schulze, Björk, and Elsa Schiaparelli. 

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